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Fiona L Smith



Find freedom from the symptoms of accumulated & unresolved stress:

anxiety, depression, panic or pain.

Create greater resilience, ease and vitality using

effective, body-centred approaches.

Heal the root causes of trauma, accumulated stress & dysregulation. 


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Psychologists usually try to help people using insight & understanding to manage their behaviour.
However, neuroscience research shows that very few psychological problems are the result of defects in understanding; When the alarm bells in the body and emotional brain keep signaling that you are in danger, no amount of insight will silence them.

- Bessel van der Kolk - The Body Keeps the Score

Hi, I'm Fiona

I'm a certified & registered body-mind therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and somatic coach with over 20 years' experience of working with the body & mind.

Work with me to heal the patterns created by trauma and stress, change your physical and emotional state, regulate and restore your Nervous System and create a new story of ease, confidence & clarity from the inside out.

There is SO MUCH FREEDOM in having a regulated Nervous System - and far greater access to your power, creativity and self-leadership. 


Let's work together - start to experience a calmer and more connected version of you.

YOU - with more joy, more connection and more purpose. 


Maybe you have physical symptoms - migraines, recurring pain in your shoulders, neck or back. Perhaps you have digestive issues or suffer from fibromyalgia or another chronic condition.


Or you're feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. You've experienced burnout or are having panic attacks. You feel as though there's never enough time or space.  Perhaps you're 'checking out' - feeling exhausted, disconnected and unable to engage fully with life.


You may be successful and confident on the outside, but you feel like an imposter because you often feel so anxious and overwhelmed.


The good news is that the symptoms or feelings you're experiencing are your body and nervous system letting you know it needs help, support and care. It might be hard to believe right now, but there is potentially transformational power in these uncomfortable messages of stress and

‘dis-ease’ from our bodies.


You're in the right place to create that transformation.


We cannot address emotional and physical problems working only with the conscious mind. It's simply not possible to think or plan our way out of stress, anxiety or trauma. We can learn strategies to manage our experience and make sense of it by talking but in order to heal, we have to work where we experience these symptoms and start listening to the body.


My mission is to help you heal your nervous system and make friends with your body AND mind. So you can feel at ease and safe in your skin. 


So you can thrive and feel ALIVE, courageous, and confident. 

What I offer

Freedom from Anxiety, Stress or Pain - a way not just to manage or cope with symptoms, but to heal. 


I work with the whole of you, in all your aliveness – your mind, thoughts, emotions, body, breath and spirit. Together, we get to the root of the issue. My approach uses a unique combination of body therapy and somatic techniques including Therapeutic Thai Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR), Somatic Experiencing® and SSP (Safe & Sound Protocol) to treat stress symptoms, anxiety, chronic & acute pain and both physical & emotional trauma.


Depending on your circumstances and location, we work together online or in-person 


My intention is to create a space you can trust, where you can feel accepted with all of your parts and that in our time together you will learn to feel an ease in your body and develop the inner resilience and confidence to live the very best version of your life.

Ways to Work with Me

If you're ready to heal your nervous system and feel more energised, spacious, connected and empowered, here's how we can work together - 

Head Massage

Body Therapy

If you live in or near Copenhagen, Body Therapy is available  at my clinic at Behandlerkollektivet in Frederiksberg, where I'm based Monday-Wednesday.


If you'd like to start by  coming for body therapy, you can click here to read more, or simply book in for your session below.

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Somatic Experiencing® & Coaching

Somatic Experiencing® trauma therapy & Somatic Coaching are available both online and in-clinic. The first step is for us to have a free, no-obligation chat about your situation & what you need. You can also read more about what each process involves by clicking on the titles in the menu above.  

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This 15 minute somatic meditation will help you  calm painful and anxious thoughts or feelings of overwhelm. It can even help to ease chronic pain. It comes with a "Nervous System Healing" pdf - in which I explain why we feel the way we do, and what we can do about it (the clue is in the name - it's all in our Nervous System - in the BODY - not just in your head). It's recorded with a backing track of Alpha Waves, designed to help generate calm & focus.

Life-changing improvement

“I've been working with Fiona weekly for over 6 months and  it's honestly the best investment in my health and wellbeing that I've ever made.  I initially came to her to address physical injury and shoulder pain and I've seen dramatic improvement in how my body functions.

Since I was a teenager I'd tried therapy, medication, and a wide variety of other healing modalities to address my complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.   I never felt like anything I tried truly addressed the heart of the issues, and either didn't help much at all or left me feeling worse instead of better. In the past few years, I've mostly just been coping on my own, feeling that I'd exhausted my options for help. 

Fiona introduced me to Somatic Experiencing® very gently and to say that this work has been life-changing is not an exaggeration. I'm only just beginning, but it truly feels magical! It is simple, gentle, and yet profoundly deep and beneficial.”

T.C. - Denmark/ Canada

Image by Yehor Milohrodskyi

“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.”

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