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"Expressions of the body, mind, emotions and spirit exist as a coherent whole; restoring balance and regulation in any one of these dimensions informs all dimensions" from The Tao of Trauma

As Buddhist monk and revered teacher Thich Naht Hahn said, 'when you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything'.

Let's start here with the body - the body from an Eastern perspective - which is comprised of our physical body, but also our emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual bodies.

You want to be pain free, calm, clear and full of energy.

You want to feel present with your work, your passions and the people you love.


You want to learn how to listen to your body, take charge of your health and find out what you can do to stay on track. 


You want to have long-term relief from tension, symptoms and pain and have the space - physically, mentally and emotionally - to get on with your life.


This is what we all want - to feel really good in our bodies and be able to connect with the joy in life and a sense of freedom and optimism.


The good news is - it's possible.

I was able to move again

“I went to Fiona because I'd been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I was getting terrible migraines, back and neck pain and cramps. She suggested trying Myofascial Release Therapy in combination with Thai Massage and it was amazing! I recovered my energy and was able to move again without pain. It felt as though it balanced my whole system and was exactly what I needed.
She is great, calm and very experienced. Totally recommended!”

Lili, Copenhagen

You’re not just looking for a ‘quick fix’ – something that might make you feel temporarily more relaxed but then all the problems come back the next day.

You want to feel deep, lasting ease in your body and mind. You want to come home to yourself and fully inhabit your body. You want to invest in ongoing, positive change in how you move and breathe; in how you experience yourself.

You don’t want an anonymous, faceless treatment, in which someone you don’t know gives you a massage and then you leave again.


You want to know that YOU are being seen, listened to, accepted and heard – with all of your mess, pain, shame and shadows and all the amazing things that make you YOU.

You’re no longer interested in someone just working on your body. You want to stop coping and managing the pain; the symptoms of 'dis-ease'. 


You want to work with a highly skilled therapist who’s touching all of you – body, mind, emotions and thoughts. You want to feel calm, spacious, nurtured and relaxed.


  • Migraines or recurring headaches

  • Frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury, knee pain, back pain & sciatica - we work with the fascia, the connective tissue, as well as muscles, joints and the emotional and mental layers. Restoring movement and ease. 

  • Anxiety/Depression - feel more grounded, optimistic, lighter and more balanced. Restoring the natural flow of energy in the body leads to increased flexibility and resilience in the Nervous System, greater calm and mental & emotional stability and ease.

  • Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & other chronic conditions. Gentle but deeply effective treatments boost energy levels, improve sleep and greatly reduce associated aches and pains.

  • Sleep disturbances/ nightmares - clients report sleeping more easily, for longer and more deeply after just one treatment. 

  • Menstrual issues - painful, delayed or absent menstruation - We focus on relaxing the abdominal & uterine area, relaxing the nervous system and balancing hormonal function.

  • Menopausal symptoms – brain fog, irritability, hot flashes, painful joints – so much is changing in our bodies during this time of transition and the detoxifying, balancing, deep nature of this work will dramatically improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • Stress - as with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, working through the body gets to the root of the issues as they show up for you, creating more flexibility and resilience in your Nervous System.

  • Asthma, high (or low) blood pressure, digestive issues

  • General low-grade pain, discomfort or dis-ease



“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything”
- Thich Nhat Than

My approach

I work with a unique blend of Eastern & Western therapies designed to relieve the impact of injury, stress or trauma.

I combine the deep listening touch of Therapeutic Thai massage - using acupressure, energy line work and stretching - with Tuina, osteopathic techniques and Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) to unwind and free stuck patterns and areas of tension. Attention to working with the fascia, the body's connective tissue, is key in this process. You can read more about fascia and its vital role in trauma and healing here.  

Every treatment is different because we work with what you bring on the day of your session physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

As with any type of therapy, you need to know you can trust and let go in this space – my absolute priority is to help you feel safe, listened to and nurtured. It’s the kind of space we all need in order for healing to take place.


You arrive at the clinic and change into comfortable, loose clothing.


If it’s your first appointment, I’ll take a brief medical background to ensure we work safely and we’ll also have a chat about your current lifestyle and challenges. It’s important I get a sense of who you are and what you’re bringing with you. I listen both to what you choose to say (your conscious story) and to what your body tells me; I meet you as the whole person you are.

Then you’ll lie on a really comfortable futon-style mat and the hands-on treatment begins. We communicate throughout in whatever way works best for you (sometimes silence; other times, stories need to be shared and thoughts spoken out loud). I always encourage you to let me have your feedback on pressure, sensation etc., whenever it feels right for you to say something - it’s important that you feel this is your session. 

After the treatment, we have a brief check-in to integrate your experience and I may offer you an exercise or two or some lifestyle tips, depending on what has come up during the session.


It really does depend on what’s going on for you and why you’ve come for Body Therapy. 

You should start to feel the positive effects of working in this way from the very first session, especially when coming with an acute physical condition such as back, shoulder or neck pain, or with general fatigue and stress. You'll experience an immediate relief because we're not only working physically on the body - on muscle, joints and fascia - but also energetically, mentally & emotionally.

That said, I encourage new clients to come regularly for a few months. As for any kind of therapeutic process, patterns of tension built up over years can take some time to dissolve. Once this has happened, then ‘maintenance’ treatments can be spaced further apart. 

I offer treatment packages (3 or 5 sessions) in order to give my regular clients really good value for money.

I felt I'd come back to myself

"I first came to Fiona because I needed  massage for my sore neck and back and after my first session I left with so much more. It felt I'd come back to myself!

I started going for regular sessions with my body in mind, but as I got to know Fiona we began to discuss things that were going on in my everyday life and she worked this into our time together. Issues in life have a way of showing up in the body and when your body speaks and you listen, my experience is you’ll start feeling so much better.

This combination of massage for the body and coaching for the mind, blended with spirituality is a gift beyond imagination. Every session isn't a 'quick fix', it's a quantum leap!


In Fiona, I found not only a massage therapist but also a coach and guide."

Tanya, Legal Secretary & Writer



This 15 minute somatic meditation will help you calm painful or anxious thoughts and feelings of overwhelm. It comes with a pdf explaining why we feel anxious (and what we can do about it) and is recorded with a backing track of Alpha Waves, designed to help generate calm & focus.

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