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“I started Somatic Experiencing® with Fiona in January 2022, about 6 months into recovery from a fairly serious concussion. 


As I write this just 5 months later, my condition has improved significantly and my energy levels are more stable than they were pre-concussion. Working with Fiona to process this physical trauma, as well as previous trauma, has been an enormously helpful part of my recovery.


We started by learning basic techniques to tap into what feels good in my body - even if it’s something very small. I can now do this on my own, and it’s great for self-soothing.


After I learned to self-resource, we started working with situations that had thrown me out of whack, including what happened on the day I hit my head. I've felt some pretty big internal shifts after these sessions and would often go home and write in a free flow, creating mantras that came out of the sessions.


On one occasion I was feeling overwhelmed and so sore in my neck and head that I considered cancelling the session, but Fiona reassured me that this was something we could work with, so I kept the appointment. After our session, the pain was gone, my energy was restored, and I was thrilled.  This session also clarified what was bringing on the pain, which were things I could change. 


Fiona is really good at creating a safe space. I often find myself worrying about the time, and this never happened in our sessions; I always felt confident Fiona was in control. She’s also helped me learn - and unlearn - important things. I am now able to both feel my needs and act on them much better than I have in the past. 


Fiona is one of the best therapists I’ve ever worked with, and I love how SE™ was able to get to the root of patterns I’d been struggling with for decades. I’ve worked with a few psychologists at different time which had helped me recognize patterns and find strategies, but Somatic Experiencing® is effective at a deeper level. I have never experienced such significant shifts in my core patterns.”

Heather, Denmark


"This was my first experience of working with Somatic Experiencing®. I’m familiar with bodywork but I had no idea how much detail and information there is in the body when you really stop and listen. It’s something I definitely need more of. The sessions were amazing and made me feel more compassion and respect for my body and its wisdom. 


Fiona, you were the perfect person to guide these sessions- you’re very present, calm and strong and I felt safe with you. Thank you. That’s so important. I also like that you’re very grounded. You gently pushed my comfort zone and didn’t make me feel silly. 


As I write this, I really feel I need more of this work - coming into the present and tuning in to quieten my whole system down."

Catherine B - Equine Therapist, UK (online)


“I did a series of SE sessions with Fiona that I found valuable, stimulating and creative. Fiona brings a calm and also light, sometimes humorous, touch to her work - guiding me sometimes in unexpected directions to a deeper sense of myself and what would aid me.

I found great benefit in terms of creating greater internal awareness and self-regulation and I am very happy to recommend her as someone who can support healing through this work.”

Nigel - Mediator, Leadership & Conflict Coach, UK (online)



"I first came to Fiona because I needed a massage for my sore neck and back and after my first session I left with so much more. It felt I'd come back to ME!


In Fiona, I've found not only a massage therapist but also a coach and guide. 


I started going for regular sessions with my body in mind, but as I got to know Fiona we began to discuss things that were going on in my everyday life and worked this into our time together. Issues in life have a way of showing up in the body and when your body speaks and you listen, my experience is you’ll start feeling so much better.


Fiona has a remarkable way of respectfully verbalizing the issues at hand – getting me to focus on a way forward. It’s a process that makes me own up to things in a self-respecting way. It’s like cutting corners - not a quick fix but a quantum leap. Every session.


No matter the issue – body aches, past experiences stored in your body, menopause, falling out with family or friends; problems at work – all of which is unavoidable in life, Fiona has a way of reflecting it back so you can see what you can do in the situation. She helps in such a respectful way to bring you back to owning the situation at hand and finding ways to move forward and I leave feeling empowered.


This combination of massage for the body and coaching for the mind, topped with spirituality is a gift beyond imagination. Go book your session today!"


Tanya, Copenhagen 

(legal secretary, writer)



"Fiona offers her unique combination of skills for truly supporting her clients above and beyond. 

I started seeing her a few years ago for body therapy - Myofascial Release Therapy and Thai Massage – because I was having terrible migraines, back and neck pain. I also needed to find ways to reduce my stress levels and cope with my anxiety. It was amazing – I was able to move again without pain and got my energy back!

When I was trying for a second baby, I went back to her as my husband and I had been trying to conceive for a while and I had been advised that I needed to be more relaxed for it to happen.  I strongly believe it helped me to conceive as I was pregnant just a few weeks later!

She then helped me navigate all discomfort during my pregnancy by teaching me relaxation techniques and with massages. 

More recently, she has been fundamental for my Fibromyalgia treatment, which I was recently diagnosed with. She suggested a combination of Body Therapy and Somatic Experiencing sessions and it has made a big difference to both my body and mind. She has helped me with learning to truly listen to my body and be more aware of my pain triggers so I can control or even avoid them. We have done tons of trauma processing and my pain is significantly reduced after every session. I have more energy in my everyday life, which also contributes to me being in a better mood and feeling more positive despite living with this disease. I am very grateful for all her support and I highly recommend her, she is very caring, a great listener and an amazing soul."

Lili, Copenhagen, Denmark


“I've worked with Fiona weekly for over 6 months and can honestly say it is the best investment in my health and wellbeing that I've ever made.  I initially came to her to address physical injury and shoulder pain. The bodywork has been excellent, and I've seen a dramatic improvement in how my body is functioning. 


More recently we started to introduce Somatic Experiencing® for trauma. Since I was a teenager I've tried therapy, medication, and a wide variety of other healing modalities to address my complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. I never felt like anything I tried truly addressed the heart of the issues, and either didn't help much at all or left me feeling worse instead of better. In the past few years, I've mostly just been coping on my own, feeling that I'd exhausted my options for help.  


Fiona introduced me to Somatic Experiencing® very gently and the joy I feel daily, after just a few weeks, knowing that there is something I can do to help myself, is priceless. And I always know that I am fully in control of how deep we go. 


Fiona is skilled and knowledgeable with a calm, grounding energy. She provides a safe space for me to explore, and I know that I can trust her completely.  In just a few sessions I can already feel a deep shift as we work together to uncover what is hidden and stuck in my body and then release it. 


To say that my work with Fiona has been life-changing is not an exaggeration. I'm only just beginning, but this work truly feels magical! It is simple, gentle, and yet profoundly deep and beneficial.”

T.C., Denmark/ Canada (in-person & online)



"I am hyperactive extreme ADHD and struggle with focus and productivity when I’m stressed. Even when things are going well, I’m easily distracted or overwhelmed.

I am currently launching two businesses, I’m extremely busy and Fiona has basically rescued me from myself. She’s given me strategies to sleep, relax, priorities. She has also pushed my why down my throat - really gently.


One of my own quotes had been “it should hurt being awake”. I was neglecting myself and Fiona has nurtured me away from my self-doubt, bad habits and neglect of sleep, and even negative thoughts around money.


I’m a bit unusual and she’s made me see that as an asset and something to develop. Anything she has suggested I have followed up, and it’s been really life changing. 


This was training - brain or mindset training. Body training. I’ve gone away with skills to train myself and my discipline and self-trust are getting stronger. Fiona has taught me something at a deep level, it was probably even me who did the work. I find it difficult to explain other than flicking a switch or some sort of mindset shift. I’m sure I’ll need an update in some months but the value I have received is quite extraordinary. I also enjoyed the accountability, and gentle approach – Fiona made the whole process easy. I have only positive things to say!"

Heather L, Denmark (online)


Having been through 2 years of counselling prior to starting with Fiona, I knew why I felt anxious and unhappy. What I needed was to find a way to manage/change those thoughts and feelings so that I could lead a calmer and happier life.
I had heard good reports about coaching but as I had never done any  before I felt sceptical at first. I wondered how, if at all, it would impact my life. Now I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this process with Fiona has been life changing for me. It was the next step I needed to take on my journey of self-discovery and change.


Fiona helped me with my self-esteem, my self-confidence and my overall feeling of ease and wellbeing. From the very first session, I felt very relaxed and comfortable. Her approach, warmth and kindness made it very easy to open up, step outside my comfort zone and to feel vulnerable and as a result I have experienced such a feeling of relief, joy and contentment after each session. And now I have the tools I need to continue on my journey.

Nicola B, Human Resources, UK (online)



Fiona has treated me with myofascial release (MFR) which was simply wonderful. She has amazing hands and a natural intuition. MFR is a gentle but deep and powerful treatment and the benefit lasted for ages.

Catherine Franks, Massage Therapist & MFR Practitioner, UK


I went to Fiona because of upper back pain. I could feel a huge difference after only 2 treatments. The pain disappeared and I could feel much more freedom in my back!

D.K., Denmark


Fiona’s massages helped me overcome lower back pain, neck issues, shoulder problems, fatigue and stress. I cannot highly recommend her enough; her authenticity and professional approach add to an experience that is very deeply relaxing and energizing. Copenhagen you are so lucky to have her!

Anji Rox, Yoga Teacher & Reflexologist, UK


This 15 minute somatic meditation will help you calm painful or anxious thoughts and feelings of overwhelm. It comes with a pdf explaining why we feel anxious (and what we can do about it) and is recorded with a backing track of Alpha Waves, designed to help generate calm & focus.

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