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About Me

We all have our journey. 

After over a decade working in Education in Spain in my twenties (a decade I will be forever grateful for), it was a ‘healing crisis’ in my early thirties that set me on what I have come to think of as my journey to here.

I was living and working in Film Production Services on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Life looked great from the outside but was causing more and more problems on the inside.

A combination of an emotionally abusive relationship and a job and lifestyle that no longer made sense to me forced me to stop ignoring the messages of my body and to find a healthier, happier way to support myself.


I was suffering from repeated viral infections that left me almost constantly in pain and felt so ashamed of the fact that I was staying in a situation that I knew wasn’t good for me.


And then a serious of chance events meant my contract suddenly ended and I was free to go! I HAD to go.

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“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.”
- Elizabeth A. Behnke

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Learning to Listen

What started as a two-week holiday in Thailand became a transformative journey in a totally new direction. I learned to listen to something more than my thoughts and the stories I told myself and as I learned to listen more deeply, my body healed. I'd been told the condition I had would be life-long and would need to take medication to control it. The doctors were wrong.

I feel so grateful that I found – and chose - a path which gives me a much deeper sense of purpose, passion, resilience and joy. A path that brought me a sense of connection with my body and the world around me. A path that continues to heal me. As long as I'm listening!


After many years of study and long meditation retreats in Thailand, India and Greece I became a certified Thai massage therapist and later, a teacher teacher of Thai massage. I also certified as a yoga teacher and this in turn eventually led me back to the UK, where I studied life-coaching and became a mental-health mentor at UWE in Bristol.


It was also back in the UK that I became a mum, and as a sole-parent (something that wasn't part of my plan), I began to really appreciate the resilience and capacity I’d developed over all those years.

More than two decades later, I continue to learn – and to listen deeply to the wisdom and cyclical nature of my body. 

The Journey Continues

Now a Somatic Coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), I'm a menopausal mum & step-mum to twins, living and constantly adapting to life as an expat in Denmark.


Here, I've embraced the joys & benefits of winter swimming and hygge (basically, the opportunity to snuggle up by the fire with a good book or good company and a cup of ‘proper’ English tea!) and am still 'finding my tribe'!


I love beach and forest walks – mostly accompanied by our extremely friendly and energetic dog Marley - and sometimes with my husband and children (we met when my son was two and I moved to Denmark two years later). I find freedom and joy in dancing 5Rhythms, love singing (I'm exploring the full-body joy of gospel currently) and thrive when in deep connection and community with other women.


I'm known to get totally lost in the aforementioned good book and I also enjoy finding & cooking healthy and creative recipes to feed a ravenous family of five. As long as someone else does the washing up!

You can see my qualifications and certifications here.


This 15 minute somatic meditation will help you calm painful or anxious thoughts and feelings of overwhelm. It comes with a pdf explaining why we feel anxious (and what we can do about it) and is recorded with a backing track of Alpha Waves, designed to help generate calm & focus.

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