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October 2024


A 7 Day Detox for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Do you want to Reboot your Life, Restore & Rewire your Nervous System,

Regain your Mojo and Reconnect with Joy?

You're in the right place!

Sometimes, we can all feel as though we just need to hit the 'reset' button.

We get constant pulls for our attention from all sides - everything from our relationships, work and family to Social Media. Then there's the habits we never quite seem to kick (sugar and alcohol I'm looking at you!), the never-ending to do lists and then add to that the stress caused worldwide by the pain & distress of war, climate change and rises in the cost of living.

Even reading this might feel overwhelming.

As women, our bodies and minds are also strongly influenced by our hormones, and when they're out of whack they can cause untold distress, with everything from weight gain, brain fog, irritability and exhaustion.

It can honestly feel as though we're totally losing the plot sometimes.


The good news is that this week-long course will do EXACTLY what you need it to - it will rest, reset and reboot your body, mind and spirit. From the inside out.  You'll follow a simple diet and will need approximately 1 hour/day to dedicate to the program.

Image by Gian Cescon

I've spent over 20 years working with nutrition, yoga, massage, coaching & EFT. Now I'm going one level deeper and am incorporating resources and exercise from Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy. I've taken some of the most effective techniques, information and practical exercises and packed them into one very effective week.

Yes, really. One week.

One week to focus on YOU

One week to give you 






In one week you will:

  • Balance your KEY hormones 

  • Detoxify and support your liver (crucial if you're feeling exhausted or overwhelmed)

  • Heal the gut

  • Learn simple, practical tools for self-care and increased resilience - focussing on the Nervous System

  • Create space, calm and clarity in your mind, body and heart

  • Get your mojo back (if it's been missing in action)

  • Lose weight*

  • Feel more confident and at ease in your body

  • Be in community with other women

Image by Brooke Lark

*this is not a weight-loss programme; the loss of belly fat or excess weight is a happy by-product of the process of lowering stress, detox & eating a healthy, whole-food diet.

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